Social Media Marketing

Marketing is the backbone for all sales, leads and new clients. Without a good marketing strategy no amount of effort can get you ahead.

You don't only want people to see you... You want the RIGHT people to see you, what does it help when you keep showing your ads to people thats not interested in your product or service?
Before we begin out marketing we build an audience, so that we can be sure we're marketing to the right people.

Social Media Marketing

We use detailed targeing for audience building to ensure your marketing reaches the right people.

All of these packages can be financed today!

Audience Building

from R650.00

  • We will build your audience from scratch.

Page Setup

from R650.00

  • We will PROFESSIONALLY setup your social media page (Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, YouTube ect)

Paid Promotion

from R750.00

  • Paid promotion is the best way to get your brand recognized. Not only is it quick, but easy for people to respond to ads and campaigns. Full Analitics is also available, we believe in working with full transparency.

Generating New Customers


Make your business stand out on ANY search engine with advanced SEO (Search Engine Optimization).

Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing is an absolute MUST when it comes to building your brand and making your name known.

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